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New Leadership For The Future

A Talk by Bakytgul Makhmet
Global Impact Expert & Founder, HomoDeae

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About this talk

There are a few companies and a small number of people who are thriving in personal and professional lives nonetheless this social and economical crisis. I explain these exceptions as a result of innovation and foresightedness, as people who have already organized their realities as independent as possible from external factors and social proximity.

For the sake of an easy reference and identification, let’s call them Mavericks. They have understood certain things before this global crisis due to COVID19 because they have had their own individual crisis and took actions, even if it was scary and lonely.

In our development we go through different phases of dependence/codependency, independence and interdependence. So as a society now we are at the beginning of the last one that I call Stage 4. With COVID we were forced to see the equality between all people of the world, and started to understand the interconnectedness between people, it is not enough.

The world before COVID19...

Individually we feel uncertain, doubtful, emotionally not stable, angry and lost. Impact wise we care about personal gain only. Increasing rates of divorces, crimes like feminicide, and we do not have numbers for dysfunctional families..

More & more of us do not want the old way of doing business, based on greed, fear and deceit. But we do not have the other way...

In the B2B world we are aware of more sustainable solutions but we are not conscious enough to choose them. The problems of local and international competition due to globalization is making possible only big corporations to survive. We are stopping to trust the systems: law, banking, politics, family as we see they are not working anymore, we do not feel safe.

What’s next?

Of course I can neither put all the problems here, nor have solutions to all of them. And one of the biggest and the most urgent problems for all of us is climate change and all the problems related to Planet. I believe that if we work on ourselves to be responsible for the consequences of our actions and/or inactions, act with integrity in all areas of our lives, and take care of each other, the environment situation will start improving.

During COVID19 lockdown we see how our inaction is beneficial for Nature, while we stay home whether fighting solitude or enjoying aloneness. So even if COVID19 is a huge crisis, it depends on how we handle it, and it is not about a positive attitude. Rather it is about a spiritually mature and responsible attitude, without judgement and blame, remembering that all of the struggles we have been through were necessary as the right pressure for diamonds to be created.

I really hope that we will not go back into normality, into the world before this crisis as we see above. We all know it became less sustainable and unhealthy. I am inviting you here to create something different, something that reflects the inner beauty, the human values, our good intentions and good will.

Doing Business became more and more stressful for a series of reasons. But doing business looking for external fulfillment, identifying ourselves with sales numbers and profits fluctuations, trying to be someone we are not, compromising for the sake of survival causes cancer, heart attacks and ultimately death. All of us deep down our hearts know this way living is not sustainable. As a result we are moving away from a collective way of thinking, going towards some kind of heterarchical model where the Leader is more symbolic and energetical rather than threatening and pushing.

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